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Major League Baseball thanks Derek Jeter with powerful tribute video

Major League Baseball thanks Derek Jeter

There have been a lot of Derek Jeter tributes this year, and there likely will be a few more to come before the season ends. Today, Major League Baseball released its own tribute video thanking Derek Jeter for his 20-year career.

If you're reading these words, the odds are good that you love baseball. And as someone who loves the game, you've no doubt played out the above scene for yourself -- stepping into the batter's box on your neighborhood diamond, pretending you're the star of your favorite team. For a lot of people, Jeter was that star.

It's for that reason, after 20 years, that MLB is thanking The Captain. It's not just for the World Series wins and the All-Star appearances, but rather this fact: nearly an entire generation grew up playing baseball, from their backyards to The Show, trying to emulate Derek Jeter.

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