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Matt Shoemaker showed off his secret soccer moves to get the out at first base

The US is hosting the Copa America this year, which means all of North America's best soccer players will be battling it out for the title this June. You may think you already know all of the USMNT's greatest players, and maybe you do. Tim Howard: check. Clint Dempsey: check. Matt Shoemaker: check?

Yes, the Angels starter is secretly one of America's greatest soccer players, and if you don't believe us, just check out this moment from Saturday's game against the Orioles.


Ryan Flaherty lined a ball straight back to the mound, and Shoemaker borrowed a move from the second-best sport to secure the putout. So can he take his rightful spot on the USMNT starting roster now?

Just make sure to schedule all the matches around his starts -- in 7 1/3 innings, he gave up just three hits, walked none and struck out 12 (a new career high). Even though the Angels lost, 3-1 (after Joe Smith gave up a three-run homer in the ninth), we can all agree that Shoemaker was still Man of the Match.