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Mets fans audition to sing national anthem on Opening Day in 2014

The 2013 MLB season has been over for almost a month now -- which, of course, means it's time for teams to get ready for the 2014 season. On Thursday morning, the Mets did just that as they held a public talent search to find the national anthem singer for Opening Day in 2014.

Fans started lining up outside Citi Field as early as 5:30 AM for the auditions, which ran throughout the day. Mr. and Mrs. Met watched along with guest judges Z100 DJ Skeery Jones, Broadway actor Justin Sargent and SNY studio analyst Gary Apple.

"You can't judge a book by its cover," Skeery noted. "There's so many people that came through here so far today that you look at them and you're like 'I don't know if they're gonna do it,' and then they belt out these awesome chords."

Each judge had something unique they were looking for in judging each contestant -- Sargent, for example, was focused on stage presence:

"I'm looking for something unique. I'm looking for, you know, somebody that can move an entire stadium of people."

The search brought out singers, quartets, trumpeters and pianists of all ages but only one will sing the anthem before the Mets take on the Nationals on March 31st.  

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