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What's Mike Trout's birthday tradition? Hitting home runs

Wednesday was Mike Trout's 22nd birthday, which is a fact that should scare you. He's already one of the best players in baseball, and that he's still barely in his twenties is mind-blowing.

Also mind-blowing is how Trout likes to celebrate his birthday. You or I might like to gather some friends, hang out and chat the night away -- maybe have a nice dinner. Not Trout. He likes to hit home runs.

Check out this dinger our freshwater friend launched on his 21st birthday last year:

And now, to honor his 22nd year on the planet, Trout went yard with the swing you see up top.

We all know about the binding power of a birthday wish -- we now know what the Troutstanding one wishes for: utter baseball dominance.

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