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MLB Network shows David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, and Mike Napoli home runs all at once

On Tuesday night, we most definitely approached the home run singularity, that theoretical time when all deep flies are hit in unison.

With MLB Network showing the Yankees take on the Red Sox in Fenway Park, live look-ins for Albert Pujols' pursuit of number 500 were shown in split-screen. But no one could have imagined, or hoped for, the two-in-one beauty of a David Ortiz home run (number 435 of his career) being followed immediately by Albert Pujols' milestone shot, with a bonus Mike Napoli dinger coming right on their heels.

It was like one of those infomercials for the ChopSlicer5000 where if you buy one, you get two for free. Except instead of kitchenware, it was home runs. And that is so much better.