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Yadier Molina tries to make one strikeout count for two, heads to dugout a little early

The very best catchers can subtly create a strike that might otherwise have been called a ball through some deep and ancient magic known as pitch-framing.

But during Tuesday's Cardinals-Brewers game, Yadier Molina took it a step further. During the third inning, he tried to make one strikeout count for two. Carlos Martinez had just struck out Martin Maldonado for the first out, and then sat Ariel Pena down in three pitches. Presumably hoping that if he showed enough conviction the umps would believe the inning was over, Yadi just got up and walked away:  


Yadi has been catching for 12 years -- surely, if he says it's time to head off the field, it is, right? Alas, even he couldn't frame his way into a two-out inning, but we give him full marks for the attempt.