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Peter O'Brien reached for the stars and absolutely crushed a game-tying home run

Some look at the night sky and see hope in the stars. Some just get sleepy. And others want to punch a hole in the atmosphere and deposit a new celestial being in the sky. 

While I can't vouch for how sleepy or not sleepy Peter O'Brien was, we can safely say that he fits into the third camp. With the D-backs trailing, 7-4, in the bottom of the eighth inning, the D-backs' left fielder took Mike Broadway's 95-mph fastball and deposited it well, on Broadway. 


That's a ball that traveled a Statcast™-measured 461.7 feet away. Even more impressive, the ball reached an exit velocity of a whopping 119.5 mph, the fastest home run recorded since Statcast™ was first fired up last season. While Giancarlo Stanton had two hits last year that just topped O'Brien's, at 120.3 and 119.7 mph, neither went deep. Which means that even if the D-backs slugger didn't quite reach the cosmos, he still made some history.