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Let's remember the time the Phanatic visited George Steinbrenner's box at the Vet

Eighteen years ago, on Sept. 1, 1997 the Phillie Phanatic paid a friendly visit to George Steinbrenner in his box at Veterans Stadium. Based on how other interactions with big baseball personalities have gone, you might think this story does not have the most … peaceful ending. But let's press ahead and find out, shall we?

The Phanatic, of course, made sure to present the traditional vistor's gift to Steinbrenner's long-time driver, Eddie:


Luckily, in addition to being The Boos, Steinbrenner was apparently also the Fonz in his spare time and had a comb at the ready:


On this day, let us raise a haircare product to the ever-prepared George Steinbrenner.