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Listen to the newest Cubs anthem, 'We, Joe Maddon,' from this week's Prairie Home Companion

The Cubs already have a pretty popular anthem. You may have heard of it? It's called "Go Cubs Go," and it only reached the Billboard charts for the first time this fall and was even performed on "Saturday Night Live," with Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, Dexter Fowler and Bill Murray lending their vocal abilities to the song. 

The classic NPR show, "Prarie Home Companion," added a new anthem to the mix in this week's episode with "We, Joe Maddon," a song about, well, Joe Maddon bringing relievers in during the World Series. Don't worry though, they're not trying to supercede "Go Cubs Go," because they even reference it during the song. 

Listen to the acoustic jam below and just try to get the "Bring in the lefty" hook out of your mind the rest of the day: