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Minor Leaguer makes super chill catch in stands at Rays game

We all dream of going to a baseball game and making a phenomenal fan catch, one so good it a) impresses everyone around us, b) makes us look incredibly suave and c) maybe, just maybe, catches the eye of our favorite team's scouting director.

During Friday night's game against the Orioles, this Rays fan checked all three of those boxes. He didn't even have to stand up to snag this foul off of Chris Davis' bat, and everyone around him was suitably stunned:


But you're probably wondering if he actually attracted the attention of a scout. Well, at some point he did -- he's Zacrey Law and he plays for the Princeton Rays, Tampa Bay's Advanced Rookie-level team. In fact, he was voted Princeton's team MVP and was at Tropicana Field to accept his award: 


Photo courtesy Skip Milos/Tampa Bay Rays. 

So, maaaaaaaaybe it wasn't this exact catch that got him drafted, but that's no reason to stop believing our Major League dreams are just one perfect fan catch away. 

Additional reporting by George Pappas, / Real-Time Correspondent.