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Young fans grill Red Sox players with toughest questions they've ever had to answer

Young fans grill Red Sox players with hardball Qs

When you want MLB players to answer the really challenging, eye-opening questions that make even the most veteran reporters lean in closer to hear the answer, you have to send the right people: A group of children.


At the Red Sox Winter Weekend, Pablo Sandoval, Joe Kelly, Justin Masterson and Craig Breslow were grilled by their youngest fans, who hurled hardball questions like "Do you like sushi?" and "Do you speak French?"

How else would we learn the answer to "Pablo, what is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten in your life?"

Sandoval: "I ate a scorpion in Taiwan."

Or, what Joe Kelly considers his favorite baseball memory: "Taking a selfie with Derek Jeter."

And, of course, the question for Masterson on the tip of everyone's tongue: "Now that you're on the Red Sox, how are you going to wear your socks?"

Masterson: "How do I always wear my socks?"


The hardest question, however, was definitely: "Who do you think is better -- yourself or Ortiz?"


Photos from Winter Weekend via Matthew Stein/

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