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Rene Rivera stopped a Royals rally in its tracks with a double play at home plate

Rivera shuts down Royals rally with DP at plate

There are things in this life that are simply beyond our control. Weather, the passage of time, the unchecked growth of Dallas Keuchel's beard … these are all things we can never hope to have even a passive influence over. After Sunday's Royals-Rays game, we're going to add "whether a ball is called fair or foul" to the list. 

Rays catcher Rene Rivera knows that, and now, so do the Royals. It was the 8th inning, and KC was down, 3-2, with one out -- but they had runners on the corners, and Kendrys Morales was up to bat. He sent a ground ball to James Loney at first base as Ben Zobrist tried to score. Loney fired the ball back to home plate and Rivera tagged Zobrist out. 

Now, if you've already watched the video above, you'll recognize a particular irony here. The music playing in the background is Little Eva's "The Locomotion," though motion of any kind is severely lacking in the next part of this play. Morales thought the ball would be called foul, but it wasn't, so he was tagged just standing still next to the batter's box:


Two outs, frame over, imponderable mysteries of fair versus foul balls still imponderable.  

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