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Guess what happened in World Series Game 3 based on Chris Rock's reaction face

It was the bottom of the third inning of World Series Game 3, and the Royals were leading the Mets, 3-2. Then, on an 0-2 count, Noah Syndergaard hit a line drive into right field for a single. Curtis Granderson came up to bat … and now it's time for you to guess what happened next, based on Chris Rock's reaction to it:


Was it:

A) Syndergaard attempting to steal a base

B) Jerry Seinfeld offering him a part in his new movie, "2 Sein 2 Feld"

C) Granderson hitting a home run, scoring Syndergaard and putting the Mets back in the lead

Did you choose C? Then you were correct! 

But don't beat yourself up if you went with B -- it's not like we can know they weren't talking about a Seinfeld movie. 

The Mets kept the lead for the rest of the game, and went on to win, 9-3. Catch World Series Game 4 on FOX Saturday night. Coverage begins at 7:30 p.m. ET; game time is at 8.