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Remember the woman who went into labor at The K during Game 1? She was back for Game 6

Royals fan brings newborn baby to Game 6

Back in Game 1 of the World Series, while we were all going crazy over Madison Bumgarner, Stephanie Hetherington was going into labor. She was actually at Kauffman Stadium, getting ready enjoy the first Fall Classic matchup in K.C. since 1985, when her trip was cut short by, you know, having to go to the hospital to have a baby.

On Tuesday, with the Royals back in Kansas City for a crucial Game 6, Hetherington and her husband Jason decided to give their dream another shot -- and brought the newborn along with them.

FOX's Erin Andrews tracked the family down for a brief interview and was every bit as amazed as we are by the fact that Hetherington is already feeling well enough to be at the ballpark. The new mom was unfazed:

"I am living my World Series dream, finally, tonight. You know, I kind of got cut off last week, so I'm just thrilled to be here and, thankfully, I feel pretty good. And the score is definitely helping that."

Despite the baby's Royals connection, she doesn't sport any baseball-themed monikers in her name. But if the Royals come through and bring the Commissioner's Trophy home, Andrews wondered, might that change?

"We will change her middle name to Billy!"

Sure, she was probably joking and running on an hour's sleep in the last three days, but if Billy Butler goes all George Brett in Game 7, she'll at least have to think about it.

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