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Gather your family and friends and give thanks for the 10 longest home runs of 2016

Dingers. Dongers. Dingeroonies. Doesn't matter what you call them, they're the very best. So before you get too focused on the Thanksgiving feast coming later this week, sit back and let your face get melted off with the 10 longest home runs of 2016 as measured by Statcast™.

10. Maikel Franco - 471 feet

Ken Griffey Jr.'s home run swing was like a peaceful sonata, but Franco's shot against the Rockies is the bass drop. 


9. Edwin Encarnacion - 471 feet

Encarnacion has hit an insane 193 home runs over the last five years; only Chris Davis has more. Yet, even the wing'd slugger seemed surprised when he hit a ball this far against the D-backs


8. Franklin Gutierrez - 473 feet

Before the pitch was thrown, you may have thought that John Lamb's Shirley Temple-esque blonde curls were the most fashionable thing on the field at Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park. And then the Mariners' Gutierrez had to go and launch an anti-gravity, 15-rows-into-the-upper-deck laser beam:


7. Giancarlo Stanton - 475 feet

When the Marlins built their home run sculpture, it was supposed to celebrate dingers. Facing the Phillies in May, Stanton treated it as a "Hit a dolphin, win a steak," type challenge. 


6. Ryon Healy - 480 feet

A's rookie Healy's blast against the Royals fits perfectly in a Thanksgiving singalong: "Over the fountains and into the woods, to Grandmother's home plate we go." 


5. Tom Murphy - 482 feet

While Gary Sanchez was busy shocking the world with his 20 home runs in just a few short months, Murphy nearly matched him step-for-step after being called up in September. Colorado's rookie catcher may have been overshadowed by the Yankees slugger, but he certainly made his mark with this massive blast against the D-backs


4. Mark Reynolds - 484 feet

With his massive swing, Reynolds is the closest thing to an all-or-nothing slugger in the Majors. His home run against Atlanta was both all and nothing. It was the Schrodinger's cat of dingers. 


3. Nomar Mazara - 491 feet

Sometimes it's easy to forget how far 491 feet really is. But then you see a GIF of Mazara's home run versus the Angels and realize, oh yeah, the Rangers' Globe Life Park can barely contain dingers of this magnitude. 


2. Nelson Cruz - 493 feet

Cruz's nickname is Boomstick. This home run by the Mariners DH against the Twins was really more of an all-caps BOOOOOOOOOOMstick. 


1. Giancarlo Stanton - 504 feet

As if it could be anyone else at the top of the list. Oh yeah, Stanton's home run off the Rockies' Chad Bettis  was also the longest home run since Statcast fired to life in 2015. 

All together, these dingers accounted for nearly a full mile of home runs -- coming in at a whopping 4,824 feet. That's a lot of dinger.