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Tim Hudson just became the first 40-year-old pitcher to hit a home run since 2007

Hudson first 40-year-old pitcher to homer since 2007

This season, we've really celebrated youth. 2015 is the year of the prospect, and we can't help getting excited by players who were born so recently they'd probably think a VHS was an artisanal tape dispenser.

But that shouldn't stop us from paying attention to the veterans. During Tuesday night's Giants-D-backs game, Tim Hudson, 40-year-old pitcher who has defeated every team in MLB, hit his fourth career home run:


According to SportsNet, he's ending a bit of a drought for pitchers of a certain age:

But he's not the oldest pitcher to hit a home run. Jack Quinn, a righty who played from 1909-33, homered for the Philadelphia Athletics when he was 46.

But who do you think is going to be, and this is a completely random number here, the first 42-year-old pitcher to hit a home run? Now that LaTroy Hawkins plays for an AL team, it seems unlikely that it'll be him. That means


In anticipation, we re-christen this the Year of the Veteran.  

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