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Troy Tulowitzki hopped to avoid the tag, but Yankees are a skip and a jump away from first

Tulowitzki uses sweet parkour moves to avoid tag

When you look at the description of how Troy Tulowitzki got to first base during the sixth inning of Friday night's Orioles-Blue Jays game, you'll see the sentence "Troy Tulowitzki reaches on a throwing error by second baseman Jonathan Schoop."

But that's like saying that "The Grapes of Wrath" is about a family who moves or that "True Detective" is about … something, probably. These may be factually true statements, but they leave out all of the things that make these works unique. Sure, it was thanks to a throwing error that Tulo landed on first, but is that really the whole story?

Answer: Nope, you read the headline of this post, you know it's not. If we had our way, the play's summary would be "Troy Tulowitzki reaches on a throwing error by second baseman Jonathan Schoop but mostly thanks to his sweet parkour moves."


But, though Tulo's leap was almost high enough to reach Rogers Centre's dome, it wasn't quite high enough to keep the Yankees from nipping at the Jays' heels. Toronto ultimately fell to Baltimore, 10-2, while the Bronx Bombers hit three home runs in a 5-2 victory over the Rays

That means the Yankees are just half a game back and the O's have gained a game in their Wild Card chase. But you can't keep the Blue Jays down (seriously, look at the GIF above, you literally cannot keep them or the balls they hit on this earthly plane). Keep an eye on the AL East -- things are certainly going to get interesting. 

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