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These two fans prove you don't need a glove to make an amazing catch

Should you bring a glove to the ballpark? It's a hotly contested debate -- one that isn't really about gloves at all. It's actually about this question:

What's more important: catching the ball or looking cool while you do it?

These two fans show that the correct answer is, clearly, the latter.

The first catch, made in the fourth inning of Thursday's D-backs-Mets matchup, was deceptively hard. Plus, attempting to do it barehanded made it even tougher. Not so for this fan, however, who made the difficult seem routine:


Meanwhile, over at the Astros-Twins game, this fan got over his disappointment that a long blast from Brian Dozier was merely a foul ball by making an incredible gloveless snare of his own:


Baseball has home uniforms, road uniforms, alternate uniforms, throwback uniforms, high socks, low socks, stirrup socks, sunglasses, no glasses, beards, goatees, mustaches, long hair, no hair and everything in between. It's not all about how you look, but it is at least somewhat about how you look. And these fans look really, really cool.