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Happy birthday to Vladimir Guerrero! Let's look back at his first home run

Happy 39th birthday to former MVP Vladimir Guerrero!

Guerrero retired from baseball officially in September after a 16-year career that featured 449 HRs, 1,496 RBI, nine All-Star Game appearances and the 2007 Home Run Derby title.

His very first dinger came during his time as a September call-up for the Montreal Expos in 1996.

The Expos were trailing the Braves by two runs in the top of the ninth when Vlad stepped to the plate. The commentary team doubted the rookie's ability to come through in the clutch, but he proved them wrong with the solo shot you see up top. It didn't win the Expos the game, but it sure made some noise.

By the way, take another look at that pitch:


Vlad the Impaler: taking outside pitches deep since 1996.