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Carlos Santana, lost to the nebula of time, forgets pitch count in the middle of his at-bat

Carlos Santana forgets pitch count during at-bat

Pretend you're Indians catcher Carlos Santana.

You're standing at the plate in the middle of your at-bat in the bottom of the seventh inning of a matchup with the Royals. You're waiting for the pitcher to throw you a real beach ball that you can mash the heck out of, when all of a sudden you forget the count.


Is it 2-1? 2-2? You know you've seen at least two balls from this pitcher. But have you seen three? How many strikes do you have? How many times have you swung? You can't remember. The immediate past is a void. You stare into its nothingness and at once you are standing at every at-bat you've ever taken, all 2,281 of them, and there are so many strikes and so many balls and you are lost to all of it, floating in the formless nebula of time.

And then this pitcher, Kelvin Herrera, throws high, forcing you back, and brings you back to reality. But you still don't know the count. It can't be full, can it?


It can. You just drew a walk. 


It's OK, Carlos, we've all been there. For most of us, it's forgetting where we put our keys; for you, it's forgetting the number of balls and strikes in an at-bat. Shake it off and mosey on down to first. 

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