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Lance Berkman conquered Tal's Hill with a smile on his face

Lance Berkman had many titles during his 15 years in MLB: Killer B. Big Puma. All-Star. Fat Elvis. With his 366 home runs and these sideburns, he earned them all:


But on Friday, his 41st birthday, we want to remember a less official title of his: Conqueror of Tal's Hill. Berkman, who spent most of his career in the corner-outfield positions and at first base, played the majority of the 2002 season in center. In a game against the Pirates that year, he tamed the pernicious outfield peculiarity -- and he seemed to enjoy the challenge:


Alas, the Minute Maid Park outfield underwent renovations this offseason, and Tal's Hill is no longer with us. Neither, unfortunately, are those sideburns.