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Yoenis Cespedes has joined the trend as the Mets become MLB's blondest team

Screenshot via Mets on Twitter.

Ever since Asdrubal Cabrera  returned in mid-August from a stint on the DL with his hair bleached, the Mets have been slowly working their way to becoming the blondest team in MLB.


Joining Cabrera have been the likes of Jose Reyes, Jerry Blevins and Hansel Robles. Now, on the precipice of their NL Wild Card Game matchup with the Giants on Wednesday night, the Mets have revealed that another in their ranks has joined his blond brethren:

We gotta say, the new look suits Yoenis Cespedes.

But why are the Mets turning their hair platinum? Well, the answer seems to be staring us right in the face:


It must be in solidarity with the fair-haired Norse god on the mound Wednesday.