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Yoenis Cespedes scored the Mets' go-ahead run … on a strikeout

Cespedes scores go-ahead run on Conforto strikeout

How many times did you get up during the last "Lord of the Rings" movie, sure that it definitely had to be over this time? Have you ever clapped during the middle of an orchestra's performance, only to have a bunch of symphony people give you a dirty look because it was just a long rest? By now, you probably know that you can never assume anything is actually over. Not until the credits roll and people are putting on their coats can you be totally sure.

So, let's try a practical example. It's the top of the sixth inning of NLCS Game 3 in Chicago. The score is tied at 2-2 and Michael Conforto is at the plate for the Mets. There are two outs and Yoenis Cespedes is on third base. On the fifth pitch of the at-bat, Conforto strikes out. Is the inning over?

No! Are people putting on their coats? Is anyone headed back to the dugout? Do you hear wistful Enya music? Of course it's not over! The ball got away from Cubs catcher Miguel Montero, meaning Cespedes was able to come in to score the go-ahead run:


As Cespedes came home, Conforto took first base. Then, a Wilmer Flores hit was swallowed by the Wrigley Field ivy for a double, forcing Conforto -- who might have scored -- back to third base. The inning didn't end until Jacob deGrom hit a fly ball to Kyle Schwarber for the real third out. 

OK, we can see how you might not trust us and think that maybe the inning somehow continued, so we'll just put this here to make you feel more at ease: 

The Mets eventually won the game, 5-2. 

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