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Vin Scully capped his trip to the White House by briefly conducting 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'

Vin Scully had a pretty great Tuesday -- not only did he get a very special shoutout from President Obama, but he also got to take some photos with everybody from Michael Jordan to Bruce Springsteen. (Oh, and he was also awarded America's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, if you're into that sort of thing.)

Lest you think that Scully's star-studded afternoon went to his head, though, fear not. He's still the same lovable grandpa you know and love. Case in point: While exiting a meeting with the President of the United States in the hallowed halls of the White House, he took a brief moment to lead the United States Marine Band in a rendition of 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game':

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