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Listen to master storyteller Vin Scully give the history behind Boston's 'Beantown' nickname

There is no one who can spin a yarn like Vin Scully. Whether it's the history of beardsJ.D. Salinger's D-Day heroism or the history of July 4th, Scully combines pathos, drama, humor and history like no one else. In fact, if you were home schooled with no instructor other than Dodgers broadcasts, you'd probably do just fine on your SATs.

With the Red Sox in town on Sunday night, Scully knew it was time to educate the masses on the town's nickname of "Beantown." It's probably not the reason you think. 

"When you talk about beans and Boston, you really begin the story with molasses. Boston's active partaking in the so called triangular trade and their molasses export was used. The molasses within the city was a prominent food staple. What they would do, when they had their beans -- their special beans -- they would mix in molasses. These were then called Boston baked beans, not just baked beans. Hard to find a restaurant serving those famous beans, but there are good recipes and you always begin with molasses."

Of course, if you didn't find this to be the most thrilling of stories (personally, I enjoy hearing Scully say beans six times), don't worry. Scully agrees with you. He wrapped up the story by simply saying, "That's it. That's not going to stop traffic or anything like that."

Not every story can be Madison Bumgarner saving rabbits from the belly of a snake