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Vin Scully makes his first pitch a family affair

To any die-hard Dodgers fan, Vin Scully is practically family. After all, he's been broadcasting the game into people's homes for over 60 years. So on Thursday night, when the Dodgers honored Scully with a bobblehead promotion and the ceremonial first pitch, fans must have felt honored to be there.

And while Dodgers Nation is Scully's extended family, he decided to make the evening even more special by involving his real family.

First, Scully invited all of his grandchildren onto the field to witness him throw out the first pitch – with a special twist. Then to top things off, Scully's granddaughter, Mackenzie, sang "God Bless America" for the hometown crowd.

Not only is Scully obviously a class act, but he's a throwback to previous baseball generations. Just check out his old-school windup for his first pitch (southpaw and all!). How awesome was that!?

Jeremy Moses /