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Happy New Year from the best dang Grand Marshal of all time, Dodgers legend Vin Scully

New Year's traditions come in all shapes and sizes -- making resolutions, eating pork and sauerkraut, watching a marathon of college football games, breaking those resolutions almost immediately ... -- and the Tournament of Roses Parade might be the grandest of them all.

In 1890, the Valley Hunt Club in California decided to hold a tournament featuring games of tug-of-war and foot races in an effort to promote their wam, inviting home as a tourist destination for folks buried under snow back on the East Coast. The Tournament of Roses was born and, every year since, it's punctuated by a parade of marching bands and flowered floats.

For the 2014 iteration of this annual spectacular, the Tournament of Roses tapped Dodgers legend Vin Scully to be their honored Grand Marshal.


Like Kermit the Frog and Frank Sinatra before him, Scully rode in a flowered convertible that led the parade to celebrate the beginning of another new year.

He said the experience was overwhelming:

It was one of those things that you could only conjure up in your imagination. You can't understand what it's like until you go through it. To see hundreds of thousands of people in such great New Year's Day spirits, and they're so greatly impressed by the floats ...

This year's parade Grand Marshal was none other than critically renowned documentarian Ken Burns, who famously recounted the history of America's pastime in his "Baseball" documentary series.