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Listen to Vin Scully study the friendship between these young Dodgers and Giants fans

Scully spins yarn about young dancing Dodgers fan

Our very existence is defined to a large extent by dualities, the relationship between seemingly disparate ideas that, in fact, are inextricably intertwined -- yin and yang, light and dark, life and death, Pinky and the Brain. We were once again confronted with this paradox on Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium, as two young fans of the Dodgers and Giants -- two teams who have quite the rivalry -- presented us with a fascinating study in contrasts:

Dodgers fan dance

One in Dodger blue, one in Giants orange. One sitting in calm contemplation, the other dancing like he quite literally has ants in his pants. And yet, somehow, they're bonded by friendship. Luckily, American philosopher king Vin Scully was there to help us make sense of it all and recognize the beauty of life's infinite complexity:

"A great contrast, two youngsters maybe 10 years old, 9 years old. One is a Dodger fan, just jumping up and down, he's as happy as can be. The little Giant fan, they've already won three World Series, so he's calm and cool and he is eating his nachos. So what a contrast in those two, wonderful to see them. And the thought is of course they will stay that way probably all their lives, one rooting for the Dodgers and the other for the Giants."

One rooting for the Dodgers, the other for the Giants. Does the baseball fan contradict himself? Very well, then he contradicts himself. He is large, he contains multitudes

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