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Vin Scully tells story about the time Jonny Gomes was almost eaten by a wolf

Vin Scully tells story about Gomes' run-in with wolf

In the fourth inning of Monday's Braves-Dodgers game, with Jonny Gomes at the plate, Vin Scully decided to tell a story. A story about the time 12-year-old Jonny Gomes was almost eaten by a wolf.

First, Scully set the scene:

"Let's start when he was 12, when he was doing work on his grandmother's house, and a hired hand showed up with a wolf on a leash."

He continued, mind you, while calling the game -- tallying balls and strikes and whatnot while relaying the harrowing tale.

"Anyway, Jonny loved dogs -- he'd never owned one. Though he had no idea about how serious a wolf might be. … So he walked up to the wolf and the man hollered at him, 'No! It's a real wolf, don't pet it!' … Jonny goes back to the wolf, saying something like 'Oh, I'll talk to him and it'll be great.' And the wolf attacks him! Has knocked him down, on his chest, just about ready to devour him."

How does the story end? We'll let Mr. Scully tell it. Though we'll note that the wolf encounter is just one of five near-death experiences from Gomes' life. Perhaps Scully will tell those stories tomorrow. 

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