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This summer you can hear Vin Scully become Abraham Lincoln in 'A Lincoln Portrait'

Want to hear Vin Scully narrate a live event in Los Angeles? Of course you do. After retiring last year following 67 years of broadcasting Dodgers games, you'll get to hear him on the mic again. Unfortunately, it won't be a baseball game he'll be calling, but the next best thing: live theatre! 

For two performances of "A Lincoln Portrait" on July 13 and July 18, Scully will play the narrator in the play that combines Abraham Lincoln's words with orchestral music.

Though a number of wonderful speakers like James Earl Jones and Coretta Scott King have played the role since "A Lincoln Portrait" debuted in 1942, Scully may be the perfect man for the role. After all, he started calling ballgames in 1950 -- just eight short years after the show began. And all those summers at the stadium, serving a particularly memorable brand of spoken word art and Americana, should be perfect practice for the performance. 

Who knows, maybe this will also inspire some composers to write something for Scully's call of Koufax's no-hitter and Kirk Gibson's World Series home run, too.