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The Cubs welcomed Kolt Kyler to his very first Cubs game in style

Kolt Kyler became a viral sensation when his father surprised him with tickets to a Cubs game earlier this year. After all, not only did he help his father around the farm and got two pigs ready for show at 4H, but when his Dad told him there was something that was "going to take a full day," Kolt didn't complain or beg to be let out of it. And when that tasked turned out to be Cubs tickets, well ...

On Saturday, the Kyler family set from Indiana to see the Cubs take on the Cardinals

The family got to hang out before the game and take in batting practice, with Anthony Rizzo stopping by to say hello: 

Kyle got an autograph from his favorite player, Addison Russell. 

They ran into Kris Bryant in the dugout -- as one does: 

And who doesn't want to hang out with Clark? 

Of course, he still had to do a little work: He came out on the field to help out with the grounds crew, too.

All things considered, not a bad first trip to Wrigley Field.