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The Lansing Lugnuts are a '90s kid's dream with Vlad Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette tearing it up

The spirit of the '90s is alive on the Lansing Lugnuts. And no, it's not just because the Lugnuts' logo wouldn't look out of place as the mascot for the 1996 Olympics:


Rather it's because the children of two stars of the 1990s -- namely, Bo Bichette, son of Rockies slugger Dante, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., which, you can figure that one out -- are absolutely destroying the baseball for the Class A affiliate of the Blue Jays. 

Guerrero, the Blue Jays' No. 1 prospect, is showing why the Jays traded two prospects to ensure the team would be able to sign the third baseman. Vlad Jr. is hitting a blistering .346 with four home runs on the season -- not a bad total given that he's still just 18 years old.

Perhaps even better, he's displayed more patience than Vlad Sr. ever had, with more walks than strikeouts. 

Meanwhile, Bichette has the same raw power as his dad. The only difference between the two: Bo doesn't play in mid-90s Coors Field and he's also a middle infielder. Bo's current slash-line: .371/.448/.580 with three homers of his own. 

Despite the obvious talent and baseball pedigree, he almost wasn't a baseball player: His father wanted him to play tennis. "I told him, you can write your own lineup in tennis," Dante said. "You either win or lose. In baseball, sometimes you have to rely on the politics of who is writing the lineup. It's not all that fun."

Of course, if you want to feel really old, these two aren't even the only Guerrero and Bichette bloodlines in the Minor Leagues. Gabriel Guerrero, Vlad Sr.'s nephew, is in the Reds system, while Dante Bichette Jr. is on the Yankees' Double-A club.