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Vote: What were the top plays from Week 8 of the MLB season?

You hear it all the time -- you can't predict baseball. Who could have drawn up a 3-2-batter's interference double play? Who guessed Logan Morrison would hit a ball twice on one swing? And who saw the Royals' wild ninth-inning, seven-run comeback in the cards?

… Actually, it's the Royals and they like to make dramatic comebacks a habit, so probably everyone. But the statement remains mostly true. You can't predict baseball. You can, however, express your feelings about what's already happened. So tell us -- what were the best plays of Week 8 of MLB?

Best offensive play
The last hit of a 29-game streak, the longest home run of the season so far, a miraculous walk-off single and an emphatic grand slam.

Best defensive play

Two incredible throws, a running catch and an extremely serendipitous moment for Yadier Molina.

Best pitching performance

Three veteran pitchers dazzle and one young gun shows us what he's got.

Most adventurous foul ball

One destroyed a dugout phone, one destroyed a beer and one decided to explore the inside of a deep fryer.