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Want to play for the Mets? Better practice your video game hockey.

Anyone who follows David Aardsma or Justin Turner on Twitter would know that there has been some trash talk going on between the two of them. No, there isn't any bad blood brewing in the Mets clubhouse, just some good old video game competition.

NHL 13 for PS3 is the go-to game for the clubhouse, and relievers David Aardsma and Scott Rice own a 15-2 record against the rest of their teammates. Their first loss came at the hands of Mets ace Matt Harvey and infielder Justin Turner. 

Aardsma and Rice were 15-1, but following Mets batting practice on Wednesday, the powerhouse went down again. Turner posted a simple tweet saying "15-2". "Everyone thinks we're the worst players on the game but yet somehow we keep winning every single time," the righty Aardsma proclaimed.

Needless to say, Aardsma and Rice are waiting for someone to give them a run for their money.