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Was Christian Bergman the guy you saw playing a sweet solo at the guitar store the other day?

Wait ... was that Christian Bergman playing guitar?

With his long hair, facial scruff and lanky body giving him the look of any number of guys wandering the Sunset Strip in their finest Slash cosplay, you may be wondering if Rockies pitcher Christian Bergman was the guy you saw playing some sick guitar licks at your local music store recently.

There you were, just minding your own business while trying to buy some new strings amid the clamor of 18 different guys playing extended cuts of free-form "Free Bird," when you saw him: The man with 7 2/3 innings for the Rockies this year. 


At least, you think it was him. It's hard to tell through the din of noise, fog of dry ice and the 180 patrons and workers all with the exact same late-80s hair metal hairstyles. 

Today we hope to answer that question. Take the quiz below to find out if, yes, Christian Bergman was the guy you saw jamming out.

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