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Did Tanaka secure that giant plane to get his poodle to the Westminster Dog Show?

Yesterday we reported that Masahiro Tanaka chartered a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to get from Japan to New York City this past weekend. The Yankees pitcher claimed he took the plane, along with five others and his pet poodle, so he could be in "the best of form" for Spring Training. But what if it wasn't actually so HE could be in the best of form?

The Westminster Dog Show is taking place at Madison Square Garden this week, and the toy poodle competition was on Monday. No pictures have surfaced of Tanaka's pup, but did he/she secretly participate?

The connections are there: Japanese toy poodles, like the smashin' Smash JP Sakura, have enrolled in the past, and Japan native Kaz Hosaka has been referred to as the "Michael Jordan" of the poodle show world.

Coincidence? Ridiculous? Complete and utter nonsense? We'll let you be the judge.