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After beating the Ravens, Kirk Cousins asked reporters if the Nats won

Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins is big into the Nationals -- he threw out a first pitch in May, he hung out with Screech and yelled "Play Ball!" prior to NLDS Game 1 last week and he once slow-danced with a dog down the Nationals Park first-base line:


So it's no surprise that after leading his team to a 16-10 win over the Ravens on Sunday, he had a very important question for reporters:


The Nats won, 5-2, evening up the series at one game a piece. I'm sure D.C.'s baseball team appreciates the concern, though. You might even say they like that.

Kirk, and anybody else who may be interested, can watch Game 3 on Monday -- set for 4 p.m. ET on MLB Network.