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Watch as teammates are pitted against each other at Spring Training

Matt Harvey, Met, throws to David Wright, Met. (Image via Mets on Twitter.)

Spring Training is a lot like the first day of school: There's a lot of catching up with old friends, showing off new haircuts (and mustaches), and bonding with new acquaintances. It is, in general, a collegial affair. But there's also a wrinkle in the frivolity.

For when live batting practice begins at camp, Spring Training turns into a modern day Cain and Abel.

Teammate is turned against teammate as pitchers and hitters, adorned in the same cloth, face off against each other.

Thursday brought us matchups from Braves camp like Julio Teheran versus Freddie Freeman:

And Craig Kimbrel throwing to a rechristened Melvin Upton Jr. (But, unfortunatelyUpton will miss the rest of Spring Training with a left foot injury):

No one was spared at Red Sox Spring Training in Fort Myers:

This pitting of brother against brother continued early Friday. Matt Harvey, back from injury, was quickly thrown into the lion's den of Mets camp:

There was no mercy in Dunedin, where Mark Buehrle had to face both Josh Donaldson and Jose Reyes:

Don't worry, though, everyone. It won't be long before teams face off against other teams, and the universe will be right once more.