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ALERT: Bartolo Colon doubled, is role model for the whole human race

Bartolo Colon doubled, is role model for us all

It's hard to stick to your goals - you promise yourself you'll do 10 pushups every day, but you really do one and a half before you fall asleep on the floor. You know who we should all be more like? Bartolo Colon.

OK, maybe not on the pushups front, but when it comes to following through, Bartolo is the best. He decided he was going to get three hits this season, and by George, he did. Well, by David Phelps. On Sunday afternoon, Colon notched his third hit of the season off the Marlins starter.

Oh, and it was an RBI double that not even Ichiro could catch up to:


According to Statcast™, the ball left his bat at 96 mph. His fastest pitch of the season, according to PITCHf/x? 93 mph. We're assuming he also could have reached upward of 90 mph while running to second, but he's saving his shot at a triple for later in the season. 

He certainly helped his cause, and truly, he helped all of our causes by teaching us that we can do anything if we set our minds to it. Bartolo is the person we should all aspire to be. Let us never forget that.  

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