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This D-backs fan's belly flop is so majestic, he deserves inclusion in this year's Olympics

The outfield pool at the D-backs' Chase Field is a great spot for hanging out, eating hot dogs and foregoing the 30-minute wait time for post-meal swims. And if you watch closely, you may just see moments of staggering athletic achievement like the one this fan pulled off during Arizona's 4-3 loss to the Phillies on Tuesday night. 

Marvel at his swan-like grace, pterodactyl-like wing span and Darryl Hannah-like splash


Want another angle? You're in luck thanks to the belly flopper himself:

Well friends...let's start the petition. #Rio2016 #Olympics #BellyFlop

A video posted by Paul Saylor (@paulthesaylor) on

With moves like this, it's time for him to get a callup to the U.S. men's diving team for the 2016 Rio Olympics. While U.S. won gold on the 10-meter platform in 2012 thanks to David Boudia, they didn't even place in the 3-meter springboard. So why not go for the gold with a graceful belly flop?