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After an intentional walk, Dioner Navarro threw the ball into the outfield ... for some reason

Dioner Navarro is quickly rising on our Favorite Humans Who Happen to Play Baseball list. He has a mini pig named Sassy. His pregame routine last year involved riding his scooter to get hot dogs. And when he accidentally threw a ball back to Chris Sale when the starter wasn't ready earlier this week, he even tried to pin the crime on the fans. Point is, he's a delight. 

Facing the Orioles on Saturday, something (and we're not entirely sure what that something is) else happened. With Adam Jones on second, Zach Putnam intentionally walked Chris Davis. Navarro then proceeded to throw the ball into center field, letting Jones take third. 


Was this a bad throw back to the pitcher? Was Navarro trying to catch Jones sleeping at second base -- even though it appears he also caught his shortstop unaware and Jones was just a few steps off the bag? Was this the result of one of those pesky angels from "Angels in the Outfield" who forced Navarro into hurling the ball into the outfield? 

Perhaps we'll never know. Fortunately for Navarro, the play wouldn't hurt the White Sox. Putnam then struck out Mark Trumbo to strand the runners and the White Sox went on to win, 8-7.