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Jay Payton once turned an unassisted double play from left field and made it look so easy

For having an otherwise average 12-year Major League career, Jay Payton, who turns 45 today, accomplished a couple of very rare feats. One of them was homering off Mariano Rivera in the playoffs. Payton was the second of two players to ever do it -- the other was Sandy Alomar Jr. Payton's was just over the Yankee Stadium short porch in the 2000 World Series:

Rivera gave up just two dingers and 11 earned runs in 141 playoff innings.

But back to Jay, because it is his birthday. His birthjay. During a game playing for the Orioles in 2007, Payton made a nice running catch in left field and, instead of throwing into second base like normal to double off the runner heading to third, he decided to just keep running and tag second on his way back to the dugout. Seven unassisted:

Happy BirthJay.