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Watch Matt Treanor watch Misty May-Treanor win Olympic gold

With Clayton Kershaw and Don Mattingly looking over his shoulder, Matt Treanor sat hunched in front of a computer in the Dodgers clubhouse Wednesday afternoon.

Five thousand miles away, April Ross smashed a serve out of bounds to give Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh their third straight Olympic beach volleyball gold medals.

"It was tears of joy," Matt said of his wife's victory. "The tears didn't flow right away because there were a lot of people in the room, but I did have to step out of the room."

After a congratulatory hug from Matt Kemp, Treanor stressed his pride and respect for Misty and Kerry's accomplishments -- and his thanks for the support of his Dodgers teammates.

"I'm just a bystander," he said. "I'm the guy who packs the bags, or a lunch or whatever ... The old ladies went out and did it."

-- Matt Monagan /

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