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Orbit stole cotton candy from concessions, but he shared it with fans because that's what Orbit does

Sharing is caring. Whether it's a kind, young fan who gifts someone else with a souvenir, or Orlando Arcia helping himself to a fan's ice cream -- we remember the rule we learned as young kids. And the Astros' beloved mascot Orbit stuck to those rules and "shared" a sugary treat with fans on Friday night.

During the Astros' 5-3 win during Game 3 of the World Series, Orbit took it (literally) upon himself to bring snacks to fans at Minute Maid Park. In between innings, the adorable alien swiped some cotton candy while the concessions worker wasn't paying attention.

He began tossing the bags to fans who well, just watch:


"I love cotton candy," Orbit told Cut4. "Decided to share."

Could you love Orbit even more than you did before? I guess it's possible.

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