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Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz had the perfect level of expectations for the Celebrity Softball Game

The whole point of the celebrity side of the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game is that the participants are not, and never were, professional baseball players. They don't do this for a living, and so expectations for their in-game performances might be a little tempered. Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz understands and accepts this.

"There is not a lot of expectation, which is great. I feel like I can barely meet that," he said before he took the field in the game, which will be televised on Monday on ESPN immediately after the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. Instead, his goals for the game were more in-line with his abilities:

"Blow cool bubblegum bubbles on the bench. Just look cool. You know what I'm saying? Look all right in the uniform. Get that baseball body looking good."

That's not to say he wasn't quite excited to be there. "I'm stoked because of the Cubs," he said. "I'm also stoked because Andre Dawson had a locker next to me, or I had the locker next to him, which is pretty wild."

Meanwhile, Wentz's fellow bassist, Switchfoot's Tim Foreman, had been dreaming of home runs. But he wasn't aiming quite that high: "If I end up on base, that's a good day."

Watch the clip above for interviews with Wentz and Foreman.