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The trailer for 'Pitch,' a new TV series about MLB's first female pitcher, is here

We noted last week that FOX had greenlit "Pitch," a new TV series about the first female pitcher in Major League Baseball. And on Monday, the first trailer arrived. Check it out below:

Because of MLB's cooperation with the show, Ginny Baker (played by Kylie Bunbury) dons an official Padres uniform and actually toes the rubber in Petco Park. As you can see in the clip, it makes the sights, sounds and story that much more real. Other cast members of note are Katie Nolan, Dan Lauria (aka Mr. Arnold from The Wonder Years) as Padres manager and, under a grizzled catcher's beard, ZACK MORRIS!


Baker looks to hit a few speed bumps in her first start and run into some doubtful teammates, but armed with a screwball and the baseball wisdom of "Crash" Morris -- we're banking on her to succeed.