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Resourceful D-backs fans go fishing for autographs

Resourceful D-backs fans go fishing for autographs

Baseball memorabilia is great, but it's even better when you can get it signed. But how are you supposed to get a player to autograph something when they're on the field and you're in the stands?

On Sunday, a trio of clever D-backs fans found a perfect solution to the problem. All they had to do was pretend they were on "River Monsters" and that the home dugout was full of weird enormous fish. Who also played baseball. This analogy is getting out of hand. Anyway, here's what they did:


The fans, in order from left to right, are Jake Karmann, Joey Fredlin and Joshua Clark. They saw other fans attempting this trick at Spring Training, but this is first time they've tried it themselves. Wisely, they made sure to put instructions on their bait:


But that didn't seem to stop Yasmany Tomas from interpreting it however he saw fit:


Good luck, intrepid D-backs fans. May you go home with many signatures and/or game-used water bottles. 

Photos and additional reporting by Jourdan Rodrigue, / Real-Time Correspondent.