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Enjoy this supercut of Edwin Encarnacion smelling his bat

There are few players like Edwin Encarnacion. Only one hitter has more home runs than him since 2012 (Chris Davis' 197 to Encarnacion's 193). When he does homer, his Edwing trot has inspired a bevy of parrot-related celebrations. He even checks his bat unlike anyone else. 

While other hitters are known to sniff their lumber on occasion -- and Yasiel Puig may even bite his -- Encarnacion is singularly devoted to the practice. It was enough for TSN to make their own supercut of EE taking a whiff: 

Edwin Encarnacion loves to sniff his bat. Find out why on

A video posted by TSN (@tsn_official) on

What exactly is he looking for? Is it like meat in the fridge and you can tell when a bat has gone "bad"? Is it a form of aromatherapy, like the joy you get after lighting a pumpkin spice candle? According to Encarnacion, that theory is not far off

"I just like the smell. Like burning wood."