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Watch William H. Macy and Ed Helms lead seventh-inning stretches in Chicago and Atlanta

Before picking up numerous awards and becoming one of Hollywood's most beloved actors, William H. Macy was a bartender in Chicago, where he co-founded St. Nicholas Theater Company. So, his roots to Chicago run deep. 

On Sunday, the Shameless star returned to his former stomping grounds at Wrigley Field to lead the seventh-inning stretch during the Cubs' 9-4 loss to the Nats. Watch his booth segment in the clip atop this post, and take note of the excellent cap toss he pulled off at the conclusion of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame": 


Over at SunTrust Park, meanwhile, another prodigal son returned home as well. Ed Helms, born and bred in Atlanta, led his Braves in the seventh-inning stretch of their 4-1 loss to the Marlins ... and the man beloved by millions on The Office as Andy Bernard can really sing! 

Add two more entries to the celebrity fan seventh-inning stretch Hall of Fame.