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Watch Wily Mo Pena de-atomize a baseball in the NPB All-Star Game

Watch Wily Mo Pena de-atomize a baseball in NPB All-Star Game

One day in the future, we will no longer tell our children fictional tales of Paul Bunyan or Superman or George Washington. Because we will only talk about Wily Mo Pena: a man whose power was unmatched, his biceps too strong, his beard too thick.

After hitting 84 stateside home runs that looked a little something like this: 

Pena knew that he couldn't keep this gift within the United State; the world needed to see his home runs. After smashing 21 first-half dingballs for the Orix Buffaloes this season, including this beauty: 

Pena decided to do his Giancarlo Stanton-at-the-Home-Run-Derby impression during the NPB All-Star Game, absolutely hammering this shot from pitcher Shintaro Fujinami. 

What's next for Pena? After the discovery of Earth-like soil on Mars, it may be time for Pena to travel the cosmos, showing off his majestic dingers to the microbial lifeforms of outer space. After all, it would be selfish of us to ask him to remain on Earth and not share his gift with the universe. 

(h/t Deadspin